Shedding leaf light with Trace Balla

Children’s author and illustrator Trace Balla has always had a great fascination with trees and nature. Growing up, if she felt lonely she found companionship and comfort in the tree that grew in her garden. She called this her ‘tree friend’. Trees, Trace says, have seen a lot and felt a lot. They carry a natural wisdom that is difficult for humans to tap into. Trace overcomes this by ‘tree connecting’, using a physical experience such as a hug to surrender her body into trees and let them hold her and her emotions. This relationship with trees has informed her work as an author and illustrator. Her children’s book Rivertime showcases the beautiful wisdom of the natural Australian landscape that Trace is now surrounded by in her home country town in – Dja Dja Wurrung Country – Southern Australia. Trace’s love for trees has gifted her with friendships, lessons and support that are completely unique, shedding ‘leaf light’ upon all aspects of her life and walking alongside her as she experiences the world.

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