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John McKenna (he/him) – Empowerment Advocate and an Idea’s person …

I have 60 + years of living experience having a physical disability

I love hearing people’s stories. I’ve worked as an empowerment advocate for over 30 years, working with people from all sectors of the community & their families in my hometown Melbourne, Australia.

Ready for action

I worked with Australia’s major telecommunications provider in the area of accessibility to create communications solutions for seniors & people with disabilities. I was also an advisor during the establishment of Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme, one of the most ambitious social policy reforms for people with disabilities and their families.

Over many years, I have shared my views about the disability world both from a living experience perspective & as a professional advocate.

Platforms such as,

Co-producer & host of No Limits, a disability-focused TV program on Channel 31
Presentations Nationally & Overseas
Video training for Government
Founder and Producer of ‘Guess What I’ve Discovered’ YouTube channel
Host & producer of numerous Podcast programs

I am involved in numerous boards that focus on Disability, Aged care, and Health

Have my own consulting practice Better Access Consulting

Co-founder of Empower Your English (EYE), an innovative service which focuses on empowering culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD) & people who find it hard to assert themselves using English.

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