Women’s Experiences of Violence Across the Lifespan

CONTENT WARNING: Violence against women and abuse.
Violence against women is a major global public health problem. In Australia, one in six women have experienced violence from an intimate partner and more than one woman a week dies as a result of violence against women.
PhD candidate Amy Warren and John discuss how this important issue is being addressed in Australia, around the world and what we can do to further these efforts. They look at the impact of fear and stigma, culture, and disability on experiences of abuse.
Amy’s PhD project, ‘Violence against women across the lifespan’, explores violence against women across three categories of abuse: child abuse, domestic/family violence, and elder abuse.
The project also explores how we can better support women whose experiences don’t fit into any of these categories, and how anyone can be a victim/survivor of violence.
This episode may cover sensitive or triggering topics. If you feel that you need any support please use one of the below resources.
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