SHHHH! Can we talk for a moment about turning down the noise?

It may sound like a contradiction, to have a chat about being more quiet. But that’s exactly what John does with Christine Jackman in this podcast. Christine’s 20-year career as a journalist took her to New York as a foreign correspondent and Canberra, where she worked in Australia’s National Press Gallery, covering federal politics. Then she was headhunted to corporate communications where she gave advice to some of Australia’s top business and political leaders. Along the way, her life got very noisy and her health and family relationships suffered. So she quit her job and went on a journey to find out what was creating the “noise” in her life, what it was doing to her (according to scientific and medical research) and whether there were ways to reduce the unhealthy impacts of living in a noisy modern world. John and Christine chat about what she discovered: about the noise in our heads, as well as the noise around us; the distraction of the news and social media; the healing power of Nature and meditation; and the challenges of going on a 10-day silent retreat. Christine also gives some tips about how to incorporate more quiet places and practices into your own life. Her book Turning Down the Noise was published in Australia in September 2020 by Murdoch Books, and will be released in the United Kingdom in early 2021.

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*Transcript of this interview is also available*

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