Danielle Matthews “How do I tell stories?…I sing”

The creative behind I’ve Never BIN to Me (YouTube) joins the So…Podcast to talk about the power of music. After taking inspiration from the viral Facebook page ‘Bin Isolation Outing’, which encouraged individuals in lockdown to fancy dress while taking the bin out, Danielle Matthews decided to put her spin on ‘dressing up’ to take the bin out. She wrote a parody of I’ve Never Been to Me by Charlene, exploring what it felt like to be in lockdown in Victoria. After 48 hours her video had 1 thousand views. Danielle realised that her parody did more than make people laugh, it connected with other people who have also been struggling in lockdown. And Danielle is not only an internet sensation. She is a ‘born singer’, working professional for over 20 years. She says that she grew up singing, and there was never a question of what path she would follow. This path has taken her around the world, seeing incredible things and meeting incredible people, eventually bringing her back to Melbourne where she is the Co-Artistic Director of the Choir of Hard Knocks. This Choir displays the power and beauty of music. A choir for people who experience all kinds of disadvantage, it has shown Danielle that no matter what people go through, the music never leaves and it can always bring back joy. Danielle brings her warmth and vibrant love for music to the So…Podcast… if you listen closely there might even be a surprise tune!

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*Transcript of this interview is also available*

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