Drawing the talk with Simon Kneebone

In this episode John chats with Simon Kneebone – a cartoonist who’s work has been featured in a number of places, including many social and community organisations. Simon had his start as a cartoonist by simply doodling and drawing pictures during his time at university. Someone he had studied with remembered his drawings, and offered him a job. This led to his current career in illustration. Find out exactly what a cartoon or an illustration is, and what its purpose should be. Creating a cartoon is about conveying a message, sometimes quite complex, in a very short time. We discover listening is an important ingredient in getting it right when creating a cartoon for someone else. Simon tells us the cartoonist must consider the idea being communicated, political correctness, and who the intended recipient of the message is, to help craft the cartoon. Finally, what is the future of cartooning in the media and video age? A key takeaway – you don’t have to be a great drawer to be cartoonist.

Examples of Simon’s work

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