Reclaim, Reform, Restore

When you walk past hard rubbish on the street, what do you see?

Meg Renou doesn’t just see a pile of junk, she sees inspiration. She describes herself as a bowerbird due to her love of collecting discarded objects and giving them a new and different life

John talks to Meg about her reclaimed, reformed and restored art business that she runs in Melbourne. A kitchen table project she started a few years ago has become a creative passion, an outlet for letting go.

Meg finds and reclaims objects that other people would consider junk, she reforms them into something different and restores life into it. From dragonflies made out of venetian blinds to mushrooms made out of teapot lids, for Meg the possibilities are endless.

‘I want to keep its history and recognition of what it was while also showing how it has been transformed’ – Meg

And it’s not just about the objects, it’s a form of meditation for Meg. When she uses her hands to create, her mind is able to switch off and just breathe for a moment.

She puts love and care into her pieces, her ideas and feelings to take a physical form allowing her to let go.

What is your outlet? How do you find time to breathe?

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