Wake up Aged Care Providers: Technology can help

How can technology keep your loved ones in Aged Care safer and more connected? John O’Callaghan from Acsess Health talks about his game-changing products in Aged Care support. Acsess Health was founded in 2004 and are innovative leaders in using technology to improve accessibility. In this episode we dive into the world of technology, how it can empower us to support our loved ones and take the pressure off the hardworking carers. John O’Callaghan talks us through two of his revolutionary products:
  • Safe and secure screening technology
    • An easier way to protect your loved ones from the impact of COVID that doesn’t sap resources and gives us a good sense of security
  • Staying connected during COVID
    • A magic box that connects to your loved one’s TV in the aged care facility and lets them video chat, look at your photos and, it’s controlled and set up remotely by family members from their home.
In a time where health resources are under pressure, it’s great to see technology provide the solutions.

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