Collective messages from Disability Service Providers across Australia

“I’m not shaking your hand mate, I don’t care who you are.” This is one of the quotes that stuck in my mind, as I was producing this episode you are about to experience. It’s a response from a client who was interacting with a Chief Executive Officer from an Australian Disability Service Provider. The CEO acknowledged “that sometimes you just got to stop and reflect, so that we can be reminded that when we need to do things rightly, advice can come from people we wouldn’t normally expect.” No matter what business you are in, I believe there are many takeaway messages that you will relate to, with this episode. My takeaway message after listening to this episode is that organisations are responding quickly as situations are continuingly changing. There are hopefully now less boxes to be ticked before things can be approved. Right now, it’s all about being responsive when creating innovative ways to support people. Whist at the same time continue to listen to the people who are being supported. I would like to thank the 11 CEO’s from Disability Services Providers from around Australia who contributed by leaving short recorded messages of innovation, support, and creativity during COVID-19 period. Another great highlight for me was understanding how each organisation is uniquely different. Thank you to the National Disability Services for assisting in finding organisations who chose to be a part of this episode. SelfHelp Multicap Activ Foundation Aruma OCConnections Wallara Helping People Achieve genU Community Living Australia Mambourin SCOPE

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