Social isolation is not new to us

In the spirit of staying connected during these times, the following 12 recordings are from individuals who live with disabilities such as, Schizoaffective disorder, Deaf Blindness, Cerebral palsy, Oculocutaneous Albinism, physical and intellectual disabilities and want to share their own personal message to the world. What’s evident for me after listening to these insights, is that people with disabilities already live everyday with skills around being adaptable and robust. As the community navigates through these changing times, there needs to be a mind shift, so that people with disabilities are seen as a valuable resource, who, on a daily basis are resilient and creative whist remaining positive when it comes to living in the broader community. I sincerely thank the people who left recorded messages using their mobile phone, my support team Xinxin & Jian who were fantastic when it comes to making this technology work. Also I must acknowledge the continuing support from OutScribe Transcription Services who transcribed all of my episodes so that they are accessible to all.

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