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John McKenna (he/him) – Empowerment Advocate and an Idea’s person …

I have 60 + years of living experience having a physical disability

I love hearing people’s stories. I’ve worked as an empowerment advocate for over 30 years, working with people from all sectors of the community & their families in my hometown Melbourne, Australia.

Ready for action

I am an active inclusion advisor, regularly consulting with Government representatives, services, and academic researchers. I was an advisor during the establishment of Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme, one of the most ambitious social policy reforms for people with disabilities and their families. I also worked with Australia’s major telecommunications provider to create accessible communications solutions for seniors and people with disabilities. My recent work has focused on issues including:

– Palliative care and Voluntary Assisted Dying,
– Restricted Practices,
– Assistive and inclusive technology,
– Inclusive sport and recreation, and
– Overlaps between disability and aged care.

Over many years, I have shared my views about the disability world both from a living experience perspective and as a professional advocate. Platforms have included:

– Co-producer & host of No Limits, a disability-focused TV program on Channel 31
– Presentations Nationally & Overseas
– Video training for Government
– Founder and Producer of ‘Guess What I’ve Discovered’ YouTube channel
– Host & producer of numerous Podcast programs
– Not-for-profit Disability Service Providers Board (Governance).
– Academic reports and publications.

I have my own consulting practice (Better Access Consulting).

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